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Our Pricing Method

Light materials

Our pricing is based on volume and includes labor, weight, and disposal fees. Unlike our competitors we provide free, no obligation quotes and also confirm the pricing with you before we remove your junk. Even if we are onsite and you do not agree with our pricing, there is no obligation to use our services.

Minimun 1/4 Truck 1/2 Truck 3/4 Truck Full Truck
70$ 160$ 270$ 400$ 500$

Heavy materials

For jobs consisting of items such as concrete, bricks, dirt and ceramic, we use bed load pricing. Bed loads, because of their weight, can only be placed one foot high.

Truck Size 1/4 Truck 1/2 Truck 3/4 Truck Full Truck
 Depending how much material

we want to remove,

the price will vary

200$ 300$ 470$ 570$


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